Can you hear the sound of broken glass?
(deep in the corners of my hands)
Yeah, I know you still hear it.

But I don't care.

Until the end -it smells like the bitter end
I'll stand (deep inside, I still remain)
when everything gets lost.

But I don't care.

Ho! So simple, isn´t it?
Lightness enveloped me, then we kissed
and now -here we are!- both of us, getting back.

But I don't care.

What a pity! 'Cause
I don't care anymore.

PD: Beckett tenía razón en eso del distanciamiento a través del idioma...

2 comentarios:

Nirei dijo...

Me gusta, me gusta.

(deep inside, I still remain)

Sui Greene dijo...

Toda la razón.
And I do like your poem too :3