Last call, dead one

My pretty little bright-eyed fellow,
what has happened to our bodies?

Sand is falling over my bed,
-a stream of hours and meaningless fear-
Sadness dropping on my eyes -collapse is near.
We used to wear a name, d'you remember?

My crown has fallen, my cheeks have burnt
-leaves and spring and a new life are knocking at my door-
Little one, I used to be afraid of darkness;
now time is running out, time's a slayer of blame.

Bright-eyed one, you used to know
-our hearts apart from the rest-
how to approach to my body and make it bloom
with your soft halo of naked truths.

My pretty little bright-eyed fellow,
where are you?

2 comentarios:

Nirei dijo...

D'ya know? I *actually* tried to make this into a song. (But gave up...)

Nirei dijo...

Did ya know I actually tried to make this one into a song (but eventually gave up)?